How long does it take to register?

When we receive your application, we will acknowledge that we have received it.

If you haven't received an acknowledgement within two weeks of sending the application and you have completed it online, please log into MySSSC to make sure it has been submitted to us.  

If you have submitted it or posted it to us and you haven’t received an acknowledgement please email us at

It can take up to three months for us to process your application and to add your name to the Register. 

If you have received an acknowledgement and your application was submitted less than three months ago, please do not contact us as we will be unable to give you any information about its progress at this stage.

If we need more information from you, we will contact you when your application is being processed.

If information is missing, we cannot approve your application and it will take longer to process your application. Please provide the information we need in the timescales we specify to avoid your application being withdrawn.

A small proportion of applications are referred to the Fitness to Practise Department for further consideration. In such cases, the applicant will receive a letter explaining why. Registration cannot be completed until their investigation has completed and this means that applications are likely to take longer than three months to process. Find Information on the Fitness to Practise Department and its processes.

Application checklist

  • Please apply to register online through MySSSC.
  • Make sure that the correct nominated person within your organisation endorses your application. Contact your HR department if you are unsure who this should be.
  • All documents required for your application must be photocopies of the originals, signed and verified by your countersignatory or the named verifier in your application. They should then sign each copy as well as printing their name and job title.
  • We cannot approve an application until we have received the fee payment. Your fee payment should be included as part of your application.
  • If you are a newly qualified social worker and you have only just completed your university degree, we cannot register you until we receive the official results from your university.