What you need before you start

To apply for registration you need to complete an application online through MySSSC. For us to be able to consider your application, it is vital that you answer all of the questions.

Applications can take up to three months to be approved so if any information is missing the application process can be longer as we have to get in touch with you for you to provide the missing information and documentation. In most cases, once you start a role, you only have six months to register by law so if your application isn’t approved before then it could affect you being able to work.*

Before you start your online application, make sure you have the following details to hand:

  • your personal email address where we can contact you regarding the processing of your application
  • your National Insurance number
  • the Register part(s) you will be applying on
  • the care service number or postcode of where you work
  • the name of the organisation you work for if you are a supply worker
  • a note of your employment history for the last five years, including both start and finish dates
  • a note of any relevant qualifications you hold as well as the relevant award certificates (a copy of these will also need to be sent to us)
  • a note of your criminal offences. You need to tell us about any relevant criminal convictions, but you do not need to tell us about all criminal convictions. Please click Criminal Conviction Guidance to see further guidance about what you should tell us
  • a note of any disciplinary matters taken against you
  • a note of any health conditions you have that may have an impact on your ability to carry out your job
  • a note of any health matters you need to tell us about (see our guidance document). 

If you do not have all of this information see the Checklist - guidance for getting started which your employer can complete to assist you. For further help in creating your MySSSC account and SSSC application see this guidance

*A small proportion of applications are referred to the Fitness to Practise Department for further investigation. In such cases, the applicant will receive a letter explaining why. Registration cannot be completed until the investigation has completed and this means that applications are likely to take longer than three months to process. For more information see the Fitness to Practise section.