What are registration conditions?

If you are registered on one of the function based parts of the Register, ie not a social worker or social work student you may have been registered with a condition on your registration.

This usually means you did not hold all the qualifications required for the role you are undertaking at the time of your registration. You will normally have the first period of registration to gain this qualification.

What happens when the condition period expires?

When your qualification condition period expires, we will contact you to provide evidence that you have gained the qualification. You should then send us a verified photocopy of the qualification gained.

A person from your organisation who is approved by us to countersign documents (a countersignatory) must see the original certificate and must sign the photocopy and print their name and job title.

If you have a condition on your registration and you do not understand it, please contact the Registration helpline on 01382 207101 or email: registration@sssc.uk.com